I would like to thank you for the opportunity to serve as your President for the next two years. Having been a member of the National Scaleman's Association and International Society of Weighing and Measurement since 1983, I have seen the ups and downs of an organization that is vital to you as a weighing and measurement industry professional.  I witnessed our transition from a US based organization to an international organization.  I watched and studied our management company transitions and how it affected our membership numbers.  The most important thing that has been apparent through all of this is that our educational efforts have continued to improve, and our membership has declined.  Can it be that people can find what they want and need on the Internet much faster and detailed?  You may be able to get the needed information, but you will not get the true life experiences and wisdom that many of our members have to share.  For this I encourage you to take a second look at our organization and plug in to this knowledge and wisdom.

Some of my goals for the next two years are to continue to bring you more value for your membership.  Some of those items are listed below:
1) Free Food and Drinks On Exhibit Floor
2) No Cost Exhibit Only Passes for Members
3) Low Cost Handbook 44 Training
4) Reasonably Priced Certification Programs (CWT (Certified Weighing Technician), CWS (Certified Weighing Salesperson), CWP (Certified Weighing Professional))
5) Scale Dealers Rate Information/Salaries & Rates Confidential (3rd Party) Benchmarking
6) Medical & Liability Insurance Programs
7) Excellent Technical Sessions and Keynote Speakers
8) Strengthening Our Local Divisions and Realigning Where Necessary to Provide Relevancy
9) Upcoming Membership Directory On A CD For Members
10) Updating Our Website on a Regular Basis
11) Planning Our Board Meetings and Conferences Two Years in Advance
12) Reduce Our Management Costs -- Accomplished with Our New Management Company
13) Being Fiscally Responsible With Your Resources and Strengthening Our Cash Reserves
If you missed our 2012 ISWM Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, shame on you.  You missed an excellent time to get some relevant training to help your CPI (Continuing Process Improvement) for your company.  Testimonials from attendees have been outstanding, and both our vendors and dealers want to return to Las Vegas in 2014.  Currently, we are working on that conference as well as our off-year Technical Conference in Atlantic City, NJ next spring 2013.  None of this could have been done without the outstanding support and leadership of our new Executive Director, Karen Hutchison.  Thank you, Karen!  We now have someone who knows and cares about our organization that doesn't look at us as just another organization to manage.
Remember, many of our are short-timers in this industry and if you want to glean some valuable information, plus-in to a local Division Meeting and/or a Conference and take advantage of this while you have the opportunity.
May each of you have a blessed & prosperous 2012!
God bless,
President 2012-2014

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