I am writing this message on Election Day.  By the way, I just voted.  It brings to mind how lucky we are to live in a country that grants us the freedom of choice.  I chose to vote today, I didn’t have to, but I am proud that I did.  I chose to wear my brown shoes today, I chose to eat Frosted Flakes this morning for breakfast, I chose many things over the years, and yes, I chose to be in the Scale (Weights & Measures) Industry.

I chose to make my career in an industry that is as old as trade itself, an industry that is the very cornerstone of fair trade.  Think about that, in a free trade society, what checks and balances are there to insure trades are made fairly?  First and foremost is by measuring, very commonly weighing.  Without our great industry, there would be no way to insure fair treatment at your local market, when buying stone for construction projects, when valuing gold, just to name a few examples.  The importance of our industry doesn’t stop there.  The weighing industry also insures that batches of chemicals, foods, drugs, etc. are made correctly and consistently.  Our industry helps insure that inventory levels are maintained by companies so their production can continue without interruption.  Our industry serves others.

I am very proud of my career choice, and proud to be part of this industry.  I have committed myself not only to the advancement of my place in this industry and that of the company which employs me, but also to the advancement of the industry itself and others who have made the same choice I have made.  The ISWM is an excellent vessel to aid in advancing our industry.  The meetings and programs offered not only at the national level but also at the division level are an easy and accessible venue for everyone in our industry to progress their skills and knowledge.  If we all work to make ourselves better industry professionals, better employees in our firms, and better individuals, it can only make our industry that much stronger and more reliable as we provide the accurate measuring devices that help others make good choices.

Join me, and others who have made the same choice we have, March 18-20, 2015 at the ISWM University Technical Conference in Baltimore, MD.  This will be a very informative program and a great venue for promoting our great industry.  I look forward to seeing everyone there.

Together we are strong.  Work hard, play hard, and be safe everyone.



James B. (Bert) Baxter

President 2014-2016

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