ISWM is committed to the ongoing success of our members.  To that end, we provide a number of resources to aid their professional development. We offer three certifications for professionals in the weighing industry--the Certified Weighing Technician, the Certified Weighing Salesperson, and the Certified Weighing Professional- to help you distinguish yourself as a professional with the most up to date knowledge and expertise.  ISWM cares about this industry and the professionals in it, and we are committed to continuously raising the bar of professionalism.

  • Certification Programs

    Certification Programs

    The ISWM Certification Program recognizes the highest standards of professional excellence in the weighing industry.

  • Handbook 44

    Handbook 44

    Handbook 44 is published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as part of its responsibility for cooperating with States in securing uniformity of weights and measures laws and methods of inspection.

  • Industry Awards and Recognition

    Industry Awards and Recognition

    Recognizing and honoring that member whose outstanding activities and efforts during the preceding year or years has contributed greatly to strengthen the effectiveness, benefits, and growth of ISWM.

  • Online Resources

    Online Resources

    Government Agencies, Associations, Nonprofits, Trade Publications, and Other Resources

  • Weights & Measures Tables

    Weights & Measures Tables

    Quick reference guides for weight and measure conversions and equivalents.

  • Table of Equivalents

    Table of Equivalents

    Quick reference guides for weight and measure conversions and equivalents.

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