Some test material may be tied to ideas and/or concepts from books and videos in the following list, but the test is not limited to these sources.

ISWM Publications

2010 Handbook 44 Scale Code Field Manual

ISWM takes the relevant sections of NIST's Handbook 44 and puts them together in an easy reference document. Members can request one printed copy (for free) and can download the PDF on the members-only side of the site. Non-members can purchase the document for $30.

[dead link on current site]Complete Scaleman’s Handbook of Metrology ($20 Members/$45 Non-Members)

[dead link on current site]Electronic Conversion of Mechanical Scales – VHS Tape ($25 Members/$45 Non-Members)

[dead link on current site]Calibration of an Electronic Weighing Device – VHS Tape ($25 Members/$45 Non-Members)

[dead link on current site]Calibrating a Fully Electronic Multiple Load Cell Weighing Device – VHS Tape ($25 Members/$45 Non-Members)

Other Sources

For Lab Balances Training: Contact IES Corporation, 1-800-541-0852.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has extensive information on training programs, publications, calendar of events, newsletters, etc.

For Complete Courses or Manufacturer Specific Training: Contact ISWM manufacturer members to determine the specific training programs each offers.

For Regional Training: ISWM offers a wide array of speakers and training opportunities at local division meetings. Attend the next meeting near you. Review our Calendar of Events on our web page often for current listings.  

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