Certified Weighing Professional (CWP)

Certified Weighing Professionals have in-depth knowledge of the complexities of the weights and measures industry. Through their management and customer relation skills, they provide a link between the supplier and consumer to develop a greater awareness of the industry’s products and standards.

The Certified Weighing Professional has:

  • knowledge of and practices good safety standards and requirements.
  • broad range knowledge of business operations.
  • knowledge of and practices the ISWM Code of Ethics.
  • knowledge of and promotes the weights and measures industry in daily activities and business.
  • knowledge of maintenance and service regulations.
  • knowledge of types, uses and classes of small/light capacity, heavy/medium capacity scales and balances.
  • knowledge of system applications, encompassing communications, types of computer systems and basic terminology.


Eligibility Requirements

The Certified Weighing Professional is open to individuals who:

  1. Hold a certification as a Certified Weighing Technician AND as a Certified Weighing Salesperson from ISWM.
  2. Have a minimum experience level of five years within the weights and measures industry.


Testing Process

A separate application form for the CWP will be sent to those who achieve the combination of CWT/CWS status. The CWP assessment will consist of a portfolio analysis. A form containing a number of tasks performed by the weighing professional will be mailed to eligible applicants. Each task will be rated by the applicant. After completing the portfolio form, the applicant sends it to Credentialing Services, Inc. for scoring.