Certification and Handbook 44

The Certification and Handbook 44 Committee oversees and maintains the ISWM's certification program for Certified Weighing Technicians, Certified Weighing Salespersons, and Certified Weighing Professionals and for Handbook 44 Training and Testing program.

Rapp/Mantes Education Fund Committee

The Rapp/Mantes Education Fund Committee awards scholarships to members of the scale industry, their children, and grandchildren. The number of scholarships awarded and the amount of each vary from year to year. Application forms for these scholarships are available on January 1 of each year and can be obtained from Mack Rapp Education Fund, c/o Ohio State Scale, 4742 Arlington Centre Blvd, Columbus, OH 43220-2901, 614-459-5152. Current ISWM representative to the Rapp/Mantes Education Fund Committee: 


The Membership Committee oversees and directs the ISWM's membership development and retention efforts. Current Membership Committee Chair:  Jerry Finnegan

Nominating Committee

The ISWM Board of Directors appoints a Nominating Committee of fewer than three or more than five members to nominate candidates for elective office. The immediate past president is the chairperson of the Nominating Committee. The Committee reports to the Board of Directors no later than January 1 the names of the candidates it proposes for election. Current ISWM Nominating Committee Chair: Open at this time.

Awards Committee

The awards committee handles multiple awards generally given at the annual Conference and Expo. Steve Dishon

Communications Committee

Website, Newsletters, Our ISWM News Magazine, General emails, and other communications are handled by this committee. We have combined two previous committees to form this one - the Public Relations Committee and the Website Committee. Contact Ann Crowley at this time.

Mic Hendrick Memorial Award for Technical Excellence Committee

The Mic Hendrick Memorial Award Committee is charged with maintaining the integrity and prestige of the Mic Hendrick Award for Technical Excellence which is awarded to any person credited with a discovery or successful application of a principle or concept which has benefited the weighing industry. The principle must be technical, have been introduced to the weighing industry within the last 100 years, be unique, represent an improvement to increase the efficiency and/or accuracy of weighing equipment, and have been in use for a reasonable period of time by a significant portion of the industry. It must also be of economic significance to the weighing industry and foster further advancements by building on the concept. Current ISWM Mic Hendrick Award Committee Chair:  Open at this time, and for the last decade or so...