The Value of ISWM Membership

As a member of ISWM you will get direct access to other members via our online directory and in our members- only section, and you'll also have access to cutting-edge information from our newsletter and online resources. Of course, you also get member discounts at our events and have the opportunity to advance your career through education and certification.

ISWM Membership Advantages

Ours is an ever-changing, fast paced industry, and those who don’t keep pace will be left behind. If your employees are as trained and as proficient as they are ever going to be, then your company is in serious trouble.

ISWM membership is synonymous with knowledge. Members are kept up to date with the latest information on technological advances, improved sales tactics, and recent government regulations. To belong to the ISWM means that you are informed.

Providing your employees with access to information is the best and most cost-effective way of enhancing their performance and, in turn, improving the bottom line for your firm.

The information network available to your staff comes from many sources, including international and division seminars, technical publications, informative newsletters, and conferences.

In addition to keeping your employees informed, the ISWM gives them a sense of community and pride in their chosen field. Members understand that the weighing and measurement industry is critical to every facet of the global marketplace.

Networking during division meetings and conferences gives your employees a sense of belonging and ample opportunity to learn from industry veterans. They can discuss problems and discover solutions from people who have already been there and know the right roads to choose.

Leadership opportunities offered on both the regional and international levels offer your employees an opportunity to expand their skills while involving themselves in worthy projects.

If your employees have pride in their jobs and in their industry, it will be reflected in their work.

Enrolling your employees in the ISWM, or encouraging them to join, shows that you care about them and have high hopes for their future with your firm.

Conferences & Equipment Exhibitions

The ISWM Conference and Exposition is a one-of-a-kind industry event.

The conference offers several days of educational sessions with industry leaders and professional speakers providing something for everyone. If you’re a technician, a salesman, consumer, manager or owner, there is something of benefit for you at an ISWM conference.

The equipment exposition is the largest of its kind in the United States. Exhibitors display the latest technological advancements in weighing equipment and offer you the opportunity to learn more about their products and services.

The Conference Committee strives to make every ISWM conference and exposition a valuable and enjoyable experience for our members. Our goal is to ensure that everyone who attends this business conference leaves with an expanded network of professional contacts and the information and training that they need to succeed.

The Information Source: ISWM News

ISWM News is vital to keeping you up to date with association and industry news.

Each issue contains technical or business-related articles from industry leaders that offer unique insights into technological advancements, as well as new ways to solve old problems.

The "New Product Section” provides you with current products and services being offered by manufacturer members of ISWM.

Each issue also keeps you informed about the activities of the Board of Directors and ISWM headquarters staff, including upcoming projects and new member benefits.

ISWM News gives you a unique insight into the ever-changing scale industry. From the President’s Message to the ISWM Calendar of Events, the ISWM News works to bring you the information you need to make the most of your ISWM membership.

Learn From the Policy Makers

State and local Weights and Measures officials are important members of the ISWM. Their participation in the ISWM’s conference and at local division meetings allows for the free flow of information between the industry and our government regulators. Technicians can ask firsthand what is expected of them. States can compare notes on different methods of certification, etc. The government regulators play an important part in ISWM’s makeup. We encourage and appreciate their participation.

Networking: It Can Work for You

One major benefit of ISWM membership is the networking opportunities that it provides. At a division meeting, a regional educational seminar, or at the conference, you will have the opportunity to meet potential customers and dealers and make valuable connections.

A great deal of knowledge can be gained through sharing information with your peers. In addition, you meet people who have been where you are and understand the triumphs and pitfalls that are ahead for you. These people can help you on the road to success.

Belonging to the ISWM also increases the sense of community within the weighing and measurement industry. It increases awareness of the importance of our industry and promotes pride.

Probably best of all are the friendships you will make through your ISWM contacts. These are friendships to last a lifetime.

Certification Programs

By facilitating a certification program for our industry, the ISWM hopes to serve the following purposes:

• To elevate the standard of and advance the cause of the weighing industry by encouraging its study and improving its practices.

• To determine the competence of those individuals involved in the weighing industry and to conduct examinations to test the ability and qualifications of individuals involved in the sales, installation, calibration, repair, and service of weighing equipment.

• To grant and issue certifications in the weighing industry to eligible applicants and to maintain a registry of holders of such certificates.

• To better serve the general public and weights and measures jurisdictions by encouraging improvements and enhancements of our industry and those that work in it, and to enable others to easily identify those individuals who have demonstrated that they can perform at a competent level.

Certified Weighing Technician (CWT)

Certified Weighing Technicians have a broad range knowledge of the technical and regulatory requirements of the industry, including installing, evaluating and servicing the customer’s weighing needs.

Certified Weighing Salesperson (CWS)

Certified Weighing Salespersons have a broad range knowledge of regulatory and industry specific requirements. The Certified Weighing Salesperson applies this knowledge by assisting the customer in determining the product(s) required to meet the end user’s objectives, as well as meeting the regulatory standards.

Certified Weighing Professional (CWP)

Certified Weighing Professionals have in-depth knowledge of the complexities of the weights and measures industry. Through their management and customer relation skills, they provide a link between the supplier and consumer to develop a greater awareness of the industry’s products and standards.

Free Publicity Through Press Releases & Technical Articles

ISWM’s quarterly newsletter, ISWM News, has special sections designed specifically for our members. Send us your press releases and photographs announcing new products, new employees, employee promotions, location changes, etc., and, if space permits, they will be included in the New Product Section or Industry News Section of the next issue of ISWM News.

ISWM News also wants to hear about your unique product applications. Do you have a story regarding a complex or intriguing application? ISWM News is an easy way to promote your company, your products and your services.

ISWM News welcomes the submission of technical articles for publication. These articles must give a general review of a technology or application but can also promote products and services that are unique to your company. Every article includes the author’s name, company and a way for readers to contact you for more information.

ISWM News offers this service to our members as a benefit of membership. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to promote your company, your products, and yourself to the ISWM’s members around the world.

Supporting Division Meetings Improves Awareness of Your Company’s Products and Services

Your company can heighten awareness of its products and services and show its support for the association and the weighing industry by being a technical presenter or tabletop exhibitor at an ISWM division meeting.

Many divisions mail notices of upcoming meetings to manufacturer members at the same time they send the mailings to their members. These mailings often include information on tabletop displays.

Division officers are always seeking qualified speakers for their meetings. If you have a subject that you believe would be of educational value to the members, please contact the division officers directly or the ISWM staff and let us know that you would be willing to be a speaker. Division officers are listed in this Directory. You may also contact ISWM headquarters to be added to a master list of available speakers.

Another possible way to show your support for the ISWM and promote your company is to sponsor an event, such as a golf tournament or fishing trip, or host a hospitality suite during the weekend of a division meeting. Contact the division officers to discuss sponsorship opportunities.