Membership Categories

Free Publicity Through Press Releases & Technical Articles

ISWM’s quarterly newsletter, ISWM News, has special sections designed specifically for our members. Send us your press releases and photographs announcing new products, new employees, employee promotions, location changes, etc., and, if space permits, they will be included in the New Product Section or Industry News Section of the next issue of ISWM News.

ISWM News also wants to hear about your unique product applications. Do you have a story regarding a complex or intriguing application? ISWM News is an easy way to promote your company, your products and your services.

ISWM News welcomes the submission of technical articles for publication. These articles must give a general review of a technology or application, but can also promote products and services that are unique to your company. Every article includes the author’s name, company and a way for readers to contact you for more information.

ISWM News offers this service to our Members as a benefit of membership. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to promote your company, your products, and yourself to the ISWM’s members around the world.

Corporate Memberships

Manufacturing Membership ($575 per year)

Suppliers and distributors of weighing and measurement products and services are welcome members to the ISWM. Our suppliers and distributors participate in the Conference and Expos as well as our division meetings around the country where they meet with our dealer members. All of these events are smaller than a typical trade show environment and thus they provide an excellent environment for learning about the industry, the products and services that our dealer members require.

Dealer/Distributors ($350 per year)

Companies who sell and/or distribute weighing and measurement equipment, or otherwise provide services to the industry. Membership in ISWM will help people in your company stay connected with the best in the industry, leading to more opportunities and more sales. You'll also get access the latest product information, professional development opportunities, and industry news. ISWM membership helps you take your company--and your career--to the next level.
Three individuals from each member dealer or manufacturer company receive membership benefits, and additional individuals can be added for $65 per person per year. Join now!

Independent ($145 per year)

Individuals in the weighing and measurement industry may join ISWM without company affiliation. This gives you access to regular member benefits like subscription to ISWM News, discounts to ISWM events, and the ability to participate in volunteer activities and the members only section of the website, but it does not provide the same level exposure when networking with other company members. Join now!

Government ($65 per year)

Officials in local, state, federal, and international agencies related to the Weighing and Measurement Industry can join ISWM and stay connected. Dues are $55 per year and give you full membership benefits, such as subscription to ISWM News and discounts for attending ISWM events. Join now!

Retired ($65 per year)

Individuals who have recently retired from the industry can still stay connected to their colleagues and developments in the industry by renewing in the retired category.  Join now!