ISWM Online Training

ISWM and Life and Safety Consultants have teamed up to provide a comprehensive training program that will expand to include additional subject matter as time progresses. Training contact information:

    Sign up/sign in link:  Life and                Technical Support: [email protected] or: 864-297-4521 X777

Individuals may sign up at the link above and will need to pay for their Course when they do that. After payment, the appropriate courses will be assigned to the learner. Note: If you are a supervisor or manager and want to sign up members of your team, contact Technical Support to get that account started - you will be the "Manager" of this account and can sign students up, pay for courses and also review the activity of your team at any time.

Handbook 44 Training Package

This course comes with a package of courses that are designed to assist new employees in the W&M field to get a solid start. Here are the courses that are included:

Handbook 44 - a complete course for the NCWM "Scale Code' portions on handbook 44. This gives technicians and salespeople a good understanding of the requirements in the USA related to legal-for-trade weighing, what the testing requirements are for both new and previously installed equipment, and the process as to why these regulations are in place. It also describes the various equipment categories by "capacity" and explains the differences in testing between light, medium, and heavy capacity scales. 

There is a comprehensive test at the end of this course where a person will become certified as passing, with records recorded on this LMS site for 3 years. (The record keeping can be readily extended if needed.)

Other courses included in the HB44 Training Package:

Back Safety (Safe Lifting), Basic Electrical Safety, Basic First Aid, Fire Extinguisher Use, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Potable Power Tool Safety, and Confined Space Awareness.

Cost Per Student: $225.00 for non-members.  Members: Use the code ISWM25 for a discount at checkout.