Rapp/Mantes Scholarships


As most of those in the scale industry are aware, the Rapp/Mantes Education Fund awards scholarships to those associated with the scale industry, their children, and grandchildren. The Education Fund is named in honor of Mack Rapp and Ted Mantes, long-standing leaders in the scale industry, and the primary source of these funds. The number of scholarships awarded and the value of each will vary each year depending on the funds available.

An application form for a scholarship is available on or shortly after January 1 of each year. An application must be submitted by June 1 of each year, and the applicant is informed of the Committee’s decisions on or before July 1 of that year.

This year the Scholarship Committee met by conference call. It was extremely rewarding to review each application, as it aids in an assurance that there is a bright future ahead for all of us. This year 12 scholarships were awarded as follows:

Maxine Mohesky                   Rockhurst University                                   $1500

Iris Mohesky                           Southeast Missouri State                          $1500

James Molina                         The Ohio State University                          $1000

Gain Honerlaw                       Cincinnati State Technical College           $1000

James Santarpio                     Montana State University                         $1000

Joe Molina                               Ohio University                                            $1000

Ansley Fowler                         North Greenville University                        $1000

Jerry Robertson                      Erskin College                                              $1000

It is the wish of the Committee that each of the applicants continue their education and apply again next year, and that more in our profession encourage their sons, daughters, grandsons, and granddaughters to apply. Make a request for an application form early and one will be mailed shortly after January 1.

Send the request to:

Rapp/Mantes Education Fund
c/o Ohio State Scale
3240 Leesville Way
Columbus, OH 43017
Telephone: 614-459-5152
Fax: 614-889-0378